The most important product for reLex IT is BizTalk Processing Monitor or BPM. But except that product, reLex IT has also developed BTSDecompress which can be downloaded from CodePlex.

Although both products will be described in short on this page, especially BizTalk Processing Monitor will be described in much more detail elsewhere on this website.


This Open Source-project is created in cooperation with former BizTalk MVP Thiago Almeida from Auckland, New Zealand (now working for Microsoft). With BTSDecompress you can query BizTalk Messagebox(es) and/or your Tracking database. Since you query the databases directly, you will be able to determine of your system has orphaned messages (zombies). This information is not shown when you use the BizTalk Administration Console.
Even better you can see Message content and context, directly after running a SQL query!

More information about BTSDecompress is available at the following sites:
BizTalk Processing Monitor

This product allows you to monitor message flow through your BizTalk system. While it does that, you are kept in more control of your BizTalk system. The most important features of BizTalk Processing Monitor are:
  • Message flow monitoring with notifications
  • Throttling monitoring
  • Singleton Backlog monitoring
  • Support for multiple environments
  • Integration with other monitoring tools

More information about BizTalk Processing Monitor can be found at the following sites: